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About Us

   About Us

Melodic Glow Candle Co. is a small business owned and operated by a female entreprenuer. The company blossomed from a theraputic hobby, into a passion to create a worldwide vibe. Inspired by a love of music, and the relaxing flicker of a candles glow.

Jessica, Owner and Chandler is an African American woman born and raised in Buffalo, NY, currently residing and operating in Dallas, TX. Jessica considers herself to be an all around renaissance woman. Full time she works in the multifamily lending real estate business. Additionally, she is a self published author and lifestyle blogger. Writing has always been a passion that she continues to explore when inspiration hits. Aside from writing and candle making, Jessica is a wine enthusiast, high heel shoe collector, basketball fanatic, book reader/collector, and avid music lover


Our mission is to help our customers establish and create their vibe. Set the tone with some of your favorite music. Let the music frequency flow, as one of our aromatic scents fills the room. Set a melodic vibe, under a scented glow.